About Us

It is estimated that there are at least 9 million Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual and 2 Spirit (LGBTQIA2S) people worldwide. Because of institutionalized oppression, LGBTQI2S individuals face a multitude of roadblocks when accessing health care and therefore a wide variety of health disparities. There is a great need for culturally competent, welcoming, and affirming health care for the LGBTQI2S Communities.

The Equi Institute, formerly known as Sacred Vessel, is here to serve that need for Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

Sacred Vessel Natural Medicine was founded in 2013 by Dr. Angela Carter, ND (they/them) as their private practice. In January of 2016, Dr. Carter decided to move their practice to The Q Center, bring on additional practitioners and operate as Oregon's first Trans & Queer focused integrative clinic that is also staffed and operated entirely by members of the community we serve. 

The Equi Institute specializes in primary care, medically-supported transition care and sexual health and wellness services for the transgender, non-binary, intersex and queer community. Each one of our providers are not only queer themselves, but also trained in the philosophy and practical application of the theories of cultural and gender affirming health care, Health at Every Size, Racial Justice, Economic Equality, and Non-Violent Communication, with a focus on community advocacy, education, and positive sociocultural change.