We're Looking for a New Primary Care Provider!

Primary Care Doctor

To apply send CV and Cover Letter to info@sacredvesselmedicine.com

We are looking for an NP (Nurse Practitioner), ND (Naturopathic Doctor), MD (Medical Doctor) or DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) who is versed in gender-affirming healthcare practices and ready to take over 15-25 patients/week.

Our providers work almost exclusively with the Trans and Gender Diverse population so trauma-informed, gender-affirming and accessible care are all a must.


  • Providing primary care, medically-supported transition, sexual health, blood draws/specimen collection, and minor surgery care.

  • Collaborating with the clinic's multidisciplinary team, providing consultation in deciding optimal care decisions for this complex patient population.

  • Providing resources for patients as needed

  • Providing leadership skills such as time management, coordinating and meeting multiple patient and family needs and requests, following clinic guidelines, setting priorities and networking.

  • Attend weekly team meetings


  • Flexibility

  • Desire to work in a collaboratively led environment

  • Communicating effectively to maintain positive working relationships and achieve desired outcomes.

  • Must be highly organized and able to multi-task.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Working knowledge of computer/applications to the related field

  • Ability to work independently, as well as within a team.

  • Interface effectively with other services involved in care of transgender patients.

  • Licensed in the State of Oregon

  • DEA License

  • Due to the complex needs of the population we work work, physician must be comfortable prescribing controlled substances (testosterone, opiods...etc)