We're Looking for a New Primary Care Provider!

Primary Care Doctor

We are looking for an NP (Nurse Practitioner), ND (Naturopathic Doctor), MD (Medical Doctor) or DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) who is versed in gender-affirming healthcare practices and ready to take over 15-25 patients/week.

Our providers work almost exclusively with the Trans and Gender Diverse population so trauma-informed, gender-affirming and accessible care are all a must.


  • Providing primary care, medically-supported transition, sexual health, blood draws/specimen collection, and minor surgery care.

  • Collaborating with the clinic's multidisciplinary team, providing consultation in deciding optimal care decisions for this complex patient population.

  • Providing resources for patients as needed

  • Providing leadership skills such as time management, coordinating and meeting multiple patient and family needs and requests, following clinic guidelines, setting priorities and networking.

  • Attend weekly team meetings


  • Flexibility

  • Desire to work in a collaboratively led environment

  • Communicating effectively to maintain positive working relationships and achieve desired outcomes.

  • Must be highly organized and able to multi-task.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Working knowledge of computer/applications to the related field

  • Ability to work independently, as well as within a team.

  • Interface effectively with other services involved in care of transgender patients.

  • Licensed in the State of Oregon

  • DEA License

  • Due to the complex needs of the population we work work, physician must be comfortable prescribing controlled substances (testosterone, opiods...etc)