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To find out about fees and scheduling for Leah Gregory, please contact them directly at: 541-890-9493 or click on the button to your left to send them an email.

Low-Cost Counseling

Sacred Vessel Natural Medicine has two independent counselors on site. Both counselors are working interns so they are currently unable to take insurance. However, both counselors have sliding scale options and are focused on providing care through a low-income lens. 

Leah Gregory (they/them) is available on Wednesdays and has limited sliding scale spots. Leah provides gender-affirming individual counseling as well as family and couples counseling.

UPDATE: Leah Gregory's practice is currently full. Please contact our Patient Care Coordinator for a list of counselors by insurance.  info@sacredvesselmedicine.com

Jessica Joy's (she/her) internship is being sponsored by The Equi Institute and is strictly low-income/sliding scale. She is available on Thursdays and Fridays. Jessica provides gender-affirming individual counseling, relationship counseling, and surgery referral letters.  

To schedule a surgery letter assessment or one-time counseling appointment with Jessica Joy, call our front desk at 503-459-2584.

For ongoing weekly counseling, sign up on Jessica Joy’s wait list here and we will contact you when there is an opening for a free first consult.  

Fees: Individual 60-minute sessions are $30, with a financial hardship sliding scale of $25-$5.  Relationship or Assessment Letter 90-minute sessions are $40, with a financial hardship sliding scale of $35-$10.  Payment plans and deferment possible.  All fees collected go directly toward the funding of our counseling internship program.

Jessica Joy is currently on a wait list. If you would like to join that wait list, click here.