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Jessica joy
Counseling intern
Pronouns: she/her

Jessica Joy is a Counseling/ Psychology Graduate Student who loves exploring the overlaps between the performing arts and healing arts, with 15+ years of experience facilitating free theatre workshops, events, and storytelling circles for folks in New York City and Portland.  Jessica’s community and the community she serves tends to be queer, creative, highly sensitive, trauma surviving, and intersectionally (race/ gender/ nationality/ sexuality/ class/ ability/ neuro/) diverse. Processes of Empathy and Connection (with self and others) are her passion. Her practice and her heart are centered in Social Justice.

Mx. Joy is collaborating with Dr. Angela Carter and Counseling Supervisor Bethprana Novi to inaugurate Equi’s first year of their Mental Health Counseling Internship Program.  She is providing trauma-informed, client-centered, culturally-affirming therapy for individuals, couples and other relationship constellations, families, and groups including an upcoming Therapeutic Personal Storytelling Group. Her practice will draw from a number of psychotherapy modalities in collaboration with each client including Rogerian, Narrative, Expressive Arts, Somatic, Solution-Focused, Depth Psychology, and DBT.  Treatment plans will be tailored to suit clients’ unique needs and goals.

To schedule a surgery letter assessment or one-time counseling appointment with Jessica Joy, call our front desk at 503-459-2584.

For ongoing weekly counseling, sign up on Jessica Joy’s wait list here and we will contact you when there is an opening for a free first consult.


  • Individual 60-minute sessions are $30, with a financial hardship sliding scale of $25-$5.
  • Relationship or Assessment Letter 90-minute sessions are $40, with a financial hardship sliding scale of $35-$10.  Please note: Letter appointments can go from 75-120 minutes long depending on complexity. 

Payment plans and deferment possible.  All fees collected go directly toward the base operation costs of our counseling internship program.  


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Leah gregory
Pronouns: They/them

UPDATE: Leah Gregory's practice is currently full. Please contact our Patient Care Coordinator for a list of counselors by insurance.