Dr. Angela Carter


angela Carter, ND
Clinical director
Pronouns: They/them

Dr. Carter is a primary care physician, the Co-Director of the Equi Institute, and Clinical Director for Sacred Vessel Medicine. They began serving the LGBTQI2S community at 16 when they joined the Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (LYRIC) in San Francisco as a peer counselor on their youth hotline.  They moved to Seattle in 1997 and joined Q Patrol, Seattle’s LGBTQI2S street safety patrol organization, then in 2001 upon arriving in Portland, they began volunteering with Outside In Clinic.  Over many years of volunteering with service organizations and being part of the LGBTQI2S community, Dr. Carter developed a keen understanding of the discrimination and health disparities faced by their community.  In 2007 they began medical school with an interest in Queer and Transgender health care.  In 2009, they became chair of the Queers and Allies group on campus, facilitating educational seminars on LGBTQI2S health, changing clinic and school policy around gender requirements, and improving aspects of LGBTQI2S care in the community clinics.

Dr. Carter’s work has attracted a large and primarily transgender and queer patient base to their practice, uniquely positioning them to see larger trends in LGBTQQI2S health and care.  Dr. Carter has attended and taught at numerous conferences around the world in LGBTQI2S health. They teach several courses focused on the culturally specific variables in primary care for LGBTQI2S and sexual minority communities as adjunct faculty at the University of Western States, and at other institutions. They have volunteered continuously with the Portland LGBTQ Meaningful Care Conference since 2009, helping to provide accessible training in culturally sensitive and appropriate health care to thousands of medical providers.   They train SANE nurses with the Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force to improve the experience of Transgender and Gender Non Conforming survivors of sexual assault.