Dr. S. Annah Shapiro


Dr. Annah is not currently taking new patients.

S. Annah Shapiro, ND
Primary care physician
Pronouns: They/them

Annah's work as a health care provider prioritizes actively addressing racial, economic, and gender affirming health equity work. They graduated from The National College of Natural Medicine in 2015 with a degree as a Naturopathic Doctor. There, they focused on internships in community health settings and working with LGBTQI and gender non-conforming individuals. Annah also worked for four years with the FAME (Food as Medicine Every Day) institute teaching nutrition and cooking classes in the community, including classes for Spanish speakers. Annah is bilingual in English and Spanish and happy to provide care for patients in either language. They also completed a 1 year peer counseling internship at the school’s counseling center. Other medical experience includes training others in first aid workshops, previous EMT training, and a current WFR (Wilderness First Responder Certification) that they have maintained since 2005.

Annah is very excited and honored to be a primary care doctor at Sacred Vessel Natural Medicine, a center dedicated to working within the communities to which they belong. They completed a 2 year residency here, focusing on primary care for LGBTQI2S individuals, and transition-related transgender healthcare. Their work includes diagnosing and treating illness, prescriptions, STI testinglabs and imaging, counseling, nutrition, herbs, physical adjustments, and gentle body work, including CranioSacral therapy and Somatic Re-education. They believe in following their patients’ lead to support overall health through a body-positive, harm reduction approach towards care.

Annah also is passionate about educating others, especially health care providers, on how to create and sustain trans affirming healthcare for their patients. They have given workshops with various organisations and conferences such as Basic Rights Oregon, Meaningful Care Conference, Dandelion Seed Conference, and at individual clinics and within hospital systems. They have worked with the Oregon Transgender Health Coalition since 2016.

Annah comes to this work with a background in social services. For several years, they worked in Philadelphia as an HIV medical case manager. Annah has worked with youth since being one themself through service learning, Jewish education, wilderness backpacking trips, and challenge course facilitation. Annah has 6 years of experience leading backpacking and adventure trips for youth. Making the outdoors feel accessible and fun is something Annah is passionate about. They also believe that being in relationship with nature is ultimately nourishing for overall well-being and welcome the discussion around the many ways that we can explore the natural world – even without leaving home.

Annah graduated from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA in 2005 where they focused on peace and social justice studies along with popular education models. Annah believes in showing up and working for a world that interrupts and ideally prevents bigotry and oppression and affirms people's identities and heritage. For fun, they play in their garden and with their puppy Symon Mazal, travel out to nature, and cook delicious foods for themself and loved ones.