Dr. Oshin Worthington


Oshin worthington, ND
Primary care physician
Pronouns: They/them

They are transgender, non-binary, and use they/them pronouns. They practice trauma-informed and compassionate health care from an intersectional and anti-oppressive framework that is body and fat-positive, food-positive, sex-positive, and gender-affirming. They are passionate about working with the LGBTQ+, transgender, and gender diverse communities and offer specialized primary care services including pelvic exams, PAPs, STI screening, medically-supported gender-affirming transition, and fertility services for all family styles, all through an informed consent model of care. Oshin is deeply committed to working with those with histories of trauma and abuse. 

Oshin graduated from the National University of Naturopathic Medicine (NUNM) in 2015 with a naturopathic doctorate. During medical school, they prioritized clinical shifts focused on providing comprehensive and affirming healthcare to transgender and gender diverse patients. Their medical training allows them to diagnose and treat disease, order labs and imaging, and utilize pharmaceutical therapy as necessary. Their practice places emphasis upon the use of modalities that encourage and support the body’s own healing process, including counseling, nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, cell salts, Bach flower remedies, physical manipulation, Craniosacral therapy, and other energetic-based therapies that work to help the body process and remove trauma at the cellular level. 

When they are not working with patients, they spend their time with friends, family, their partner Brodsky, and their pup Lyons. They also love to work with Tarot, eat donuts, go for walks, get out into nature, and think about magic.