dr. Henry Malus


Henry Malus, ND
Interim Clinical director
Pronouns: He/Him

Dr. Henry Malus, ND graduated in 2010 from National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, with honors in research, followed by a one year Naturopathic Education and Research Consortium (NERC) sponsored CNME residency with Dr. Leslie Peterson, ND at Full Circle Care in Salt Lake City, UT.

Dr. Malus has received advanced training in anti-aging and restorative medicine including bio-identical hormone replacement. He has trained with ILADS physician mentors in the treatment of chronic Lyme and associated illness. Along with traditional naturopathic modalities, Dr. Malus uses oxidative treatments including “Prolozone” therapy, IV therapy including chelation, and genomic testing to help patients find individualized treatments.

Dr. Malus works with Dr. Judith Moore, DO at Diamond Springs Wellness Center, a primary care clinic serving the local communities of Midway, Park City and Heber City. Diamond Springs Wellness Center is also renowned in the region for helping patients with chronic pains, injuries and conditions that have been declared “difficult to treat”. Drs. Moore and Malus also own and operate a nutritional supplement company, SpringTree Health.