Kat Pinkerton


Kat Pinkerton, WHNP

Nurse Practitioner

Pronouns: She/Her

What drew you to work in Trans & Queer healthcare

When Kat was tiny, she didn’t correctly perform the role she was expected to intuitively play (the neurotypical white feminine act.) She did try very hard to emulate those who innately performed the role she was supposed to fulfill. There was a large amount of social punishment and a lifetime of confusion, shame, and general pain. She recently found out that this is all because she’s autistic.

Since it is socio-economically necessary to act,  she still masks. This is exhausting. But she feels like she can be herself, and be seen and heard, around others who can relate to her story.

To support you in your fight for wellness,v he will use pretty much any and all of the power that she's taken and been given, and to do so as independently as possible.  

Professional tidbit:

Being no stranger to the Hu$tle, Kat appreciates every form of income generation, including work in the Underground Economy. She also appreciates that for some people, this type of work can lead to significant stress of all types, which may result in emotional and physical disease. Kat is affirming and supportive to others who occupy this type of profession.


One word. Yale.

She specifically went to extreme lengths to go specifically to Yale so that could claim a famous name, so that she could use this and other privileges to maximize her chances being taking seriously when vocalizing concepts which are unpopular in the culture of western medicine (for ex: the radical notion of trusting that patients know themselves better than she does, or the concept that hundreds of years of white violence is causing the huge disparity in this nation’s overall health outcomes between people of color and  non-folx-of-color , etc)

At Yale she trained as a midwife, a nurse, and as an outpatient clinician (NP,) with a focus in LGBTQ healthcare.

No one paid for any of this except herself and the government.

Kat’s Description of Her Skills:

- detail-obsessed

-trustworthy (perhaps that’s because I am pathologically honest)

-Transparency (I can’t help it)

-listening to you; bearing witness to your experiences

-logical reasoning

-clandestine stimming


-Spanish (non native speaker. proficient but not mastery level )

-personal life experience re: socio-economic challenges, laboring in the underground economy

Of note, she was born half-robot. She thought that she was just weird and bad until she recently had the privilege to realize, and actually accept, that she’s of robot roots. In her free time, Kat enjoys going down research rabbit-holes, engaging in deep philosophical conversations with her son, and guessing at what the rats must be doing in her living room wall to make that much noise. She sometimes watches ‘60’s Star Trek, pining for a future where people honor autistics (and all other pushed-around peoples) just as much Spock is venerated by the Enterprise folx! As a child, Kat identified with Data from the 90’s Star Trek. (She knows zero fan facts, so please expect a blank stare when you cite obscure STTNG references. She probably even spelled that acronym wrong. Also, her normal face is a blank stare so try not to worry.)Also you should know that, unlike other Autists, she is only marginally tolerant of puns. You get a maximum of 3 puns per visit. Please refrain from additional punning.Otherwise, you can just be yourself.